Saturday, December 7, 2013



xxxiv. by roanneq featuring short skirts

This Polyvore set was inspired by some pieces I have in my wardrobe (similar, cheaper versions -- but if you'd like to volunteer to make this set a reality and gift me that Marc Jacobs bag, be my guest). Unfortunately it's already far too cold out to wear the skirt and top alone as I'd originally envisioned the ensemble in my head, but with some black tights and a dark crimson/burgundy coat, I was pleased to see the colours cooperate. Haven't experimented with tights in other colours yet since black tights are all I own (and probably the safest choice in an already vibrant outfit).

Makeup: Play up the eyes with some liquid eyeliner (you can never go wrong with cateye!). I'd skip the eyeshadow with this one -- add some more colour instead with a matte coral lip. The dramatic combo works well paired with a natural face, as it'll draw attention to your eyes and lips without competing with blush or eyeshadow. The pop of colour on the lips against a bare face compliment the already colourful outfit without being too over-the-top. 

Crop top
$20 -

Courréges red coat

Sass Bide short skirt

Gerbe tight
$53 -


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