Friday, March 25, 2016

part-time plant mama, full-time wreck

Somehow, it's nearly April already.

I wish I had a long list of good things to say about March -- or even a short one, really -- but...well. 

I'll be honest: March absolutely sucked. It just did. Be it stress from matters of money, job hunting (for a second job), or personal things, it has been far from great, and my hope that April will be better feels a lot like how I felt at the end of February. I really don't know what it is about 2016 so far and its tendency to kick my ass (repeatedly), but I'm hoping this is just some shitty, free trial, low-resolution demo of what it's going to be.

While attempting to relax earlier this evening, I pulled my curtains open to let in that lovely Sunset District sunset, and lay down in bed to reread Hawkeye Vol. 3: LA Woman. I'm not sure which panels I related to more: Kate Bishop desperately seeking a job in her new stomping grounds, or Kate Bishop repeatedly being threatened to be put behind bars for her efforts -- that is, if she weren't getting punched in the face. (Alright, so maybe job rejections and multiple visits to the police department are nowhere near the same thing, and all of March's beatings were emotional, but you get the point.)

Yeah, there's some funny symbolism in there, but I'm too tired to type it out.

Anyway -- as with most of my entries lately, I have little point in writing them, other than to vent, and to supply some pretty things to look at. This is no news, and about to be really boring (and likely disappointing) if you already follow me on Instagram, by the way.

Here are some nice pictures, at least, to make up for the lack of nice words, featuring my growing (no pun intended) collection of houseplants and succulents. 

I've been too busy to have much company other than my own misery, but hey, at least some things can live and thrive in my home, because lately, it sure as hell isn't me. (I just wish it weren't the occasional bugs that show up, too.)

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