Monday, July 28, 2014

keeping it short

Remember how I said in my last post that I was going to update regularly this summer? Yeah, me neither.

July's already ending -- classes resume at the end of August -- and I feel like I've both done enough and not enough this summer. Apart from (unsuccessful) job hunting and watching my sleep schedule resemble that of a nocturnal creature, I've been trying to keep myself busy on the days it's too hot to go outside, which turns out to be most days.

Some things in a short list because I don't have enough to make a proper update at the moment:

+ I'm back to having short bangs. Pictures...eventually. When it's not a billion degrees.
+ Been doing some cafe hopping with my dear friend Elle. We're going again tomorrow around North Beach.
+ ...And writing some murder mysteries at said cafes. (Elementary's third season doesn't premiere until late October so I have to do something, right?)
+ Recently put together a short electronica/rock mix on 8tracks. Listen to CUTGLASS here!

And last but definitely not least: I've opened art commissions! Check out the post on Tumblr here for details. Reproduced below are my rates according to particular illustration style.

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