Saturday, August 2, 2014

north beach, art update (commissions still open!)

This past Tuesday I took my darling friend Elle around North Beach. It's been years since I've been in the neighborhood, and upon returning, I wasn't sure why it took me so long to revisit it. All those restaurants, all those cafes and cute little boutiques...definitely right up my alley. (Unfortunately, not literally).

Started out the day at Beacon Coffee & Pantry. Very nice place, lovely interior, gorgeous lighting, and the drinks were delicious. Won't be my first time stopping by. There were so many cafes around to choose from, but something about this place sold me when I was reading about it on Yelp.

Caffe Greco was recommended to me by a friend in the city, so I knew I had to take Elle there. I got to try my first cannoli! I thought it would be way too sweet for my taste (I'm not a huge sweet tooth) but it was actually a lot richer than I was expecting. Stil pretty good, though.

I've been spending a lot of time with Elle this summer, and I still miss her every day. It's August, and classes resume at the end of the month, and as much as I'm dreading falling back into that routine, I know I'll have a lovely summer to look back on. Besides! I still have a few things to look forward to before fall semester starts up. Audrey, who I stayed with in LA during spring break, is coming up to visit me!

Other things:

+ I'm seeing The Horrors @ The Fillmore in October. Also, Drowners are playing here again in that same month. Still debating on whether or not I should go since I have class that night, but...I mean, we all know how well I can resist a good show. (Spoiler: I can't. I'm awful. I have no willpower. Especially since there's the chance I'll get to chat with the band again.)

+ Art commissions are still open. As of this moment, I still have four slots available -- please read the information here for details. In the meantime, I've been drawing a lot, to keep the creative spirit alive. Here's (yet another) Holmes and Watson sketch I whipped up:

What I've been wearing: I hate summer weather. The end. Summer as a holiday I adore -- shame that it comes coupled with the temperatures I can't stand the most. My sense of style hasn't really changed since spring ended. I've mostly been wearing shirts and my favorite pair of high-waisted shorts. But! I am wearing necklaces on a regular basis again. Here's a photo of the ones I've been alternating between.

What I've been inspired by: Annie Clark (St. Vincent) and literally everything about her aesthetic. Cosmic goddess, Sailor Scout galaxy grunge (by the way I'm enjoying the SM remake), pastel space witch, intergalactic femme fatale, whatever the hell kind of aesthetic you can come up with -- she can do it. I've spent hours on YouTube watching live performances. You should watch this video of Rattlesnake and Digital Witness live @ La Cigale Paris 2014. (Flashing light warning.) I'm still hitting myself on the head for missing her show here back in March, as well as the show in LA that she did while I was there.

What I've been listening to: A lot of St. Vincent, obviously. For some reason I've been revisiting some favorite bands from middle school, particularly Ladytron, Modest Mouse, and Death Cab for Cutie. (Ladytron were really fucking good, man. Forget Lana's "Blue Jeans", Ladytron's "Blue Jeans" still kills me with how great it is.) I had no fashion sense then but damn I had a hell of a music library. Oh, and I'm still dancing along to Late of the Pier, and still waiting for their next album even though it's been six years. On nights I need some voiceless, instrumental fuel for my creativity, I listen to Zoe Keating's wonderful cello work. (You might recognize her from the Elementary soundtrack. Check out "Escape Artist" and "We Insist".)

What I've been reading: Why do I even have this section here? I haven't read a book in months (that wasn't required for class). I've got two literature courses coming up, so that'll be fun. I don't know, do random articles of information about, say, deadly ingredients in cosmetics or the journey your luggage makes in an airport count? Writing murder mysteries with friends puts some really strange things into your browser history, let me tell you. That being said, don't mind me if I wipe it clean -- pardon me for a moment.

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