Monday, February 10, 2014

personal style influences #1: kiko mizuhara

I've decided to start a new series of posts over here at my blog! As the title suggests, these posts will cover various people who have come to influence -- or continue to influence -- my personal style.

I had originally planned to make a single post with a long list of all of those who have done just that, but because my style is ever-changing and something new comes at me quite often, I chose to opt for writing individual posts per person instead. Besides, the possibility that I would encounter a new huge influence after I'd published my post was all too likely.

That being said, I hope you enjoy them! First on the list is model and actress, Kiko Mizuhara.

Kiko Mizuhara

I first came across Kiko several years ago, while leafing through Japanese fashion catalogues. Several months after that, I saw her performance as Midori in the film adaptation of Haruki Murakami's best-selling novel, Norwegian Wood. Having recognized her from various photoshoots, I wanted to take a look at her personal style, and I liked what I saw. I even got a haircut modeled after hers at one point! It matched my style at the time so well: I was going through some sort of minimalist phase, and I loved how easy it was to manage.

The photoshoots I first saw her in were very clean cut in nature; they involved a lot of neutrals and simple pieces with the occasional pattern thrown in. Kiko's personal style, however, is more on the fun, sportier side. I've never been into sporty-chic garments (I honestly just look like I'm going to the gym when I'm wearing them!), but Kiko's style helped me to warm up to those pieces. I'm especially fond of the tracksuit-inspired top she's wearing in the image to the left. It works so well with dark denim and a classic red lip.

Channeling Kiko:

Pieces: Graphic sweaters/tees, denim, horizontal stripes, oversized sunglasses, sporty hats, thigh highs, menswear-inspired ensembles. Kiko tends to settle for more relaxed/loose tops and pairs those with tighter-fitting bottoms, such as skinny jeans or tights that show off her long legs. She also wears a lot of patterns and embellishments.

Shoes: Sneakers (either in bright colors or black or white), and platform shoes. The chunkier the heel or platform the better!

Beauty: Her hair is straight, and parted at the side or slightly off-center. Kiko's makeup is usually minimal, and it complements her fresh, simple hairstyle. If she's wearing lipstick it's likely a matte or satin finish.

Colors: Bright yellow, bright blues, neutrals, black and white.

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