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virginia frances sterrett @ CF, band spotlight (The North), and a sudden craving for white go-go boots


Hope you've had a nice Valentine's day. I know I did -- even though it involved more window shopping and laughing at things with friends on Twitter than it did cuddles and flowers. But still, there was plenty of chocolate, and that's all that mattered to me in the long run.

This is going to be another one of those posts that cover a variety of things, so without further ado:

This past Wednesday another post of mine was published over at College Fashion, featuring outfits inspired by both Virginia Frances Sterrett's illustration for Old French Fairy Tales and some trends seen at New York Fashion Week.


I've never really been much of a pastels person, so it was interesting to see how they played out on the runway -- especially when paired with metallics, a trend I absolutely adore. If you want to stay updated on Fashion Week season, fashin over at Livejournal is pretty consistent.

♡ ♡ 

Anyway, moving along now to newer things -- I never thought of creating the following section over at this blog, but for this band, I must. I don't know how often I'll lend my posts to this category, especially since I don't go out of my way to discover new bands as much as I used to, but I know there's some great groups out there that deserve more attention -- so let me know if you have any recommendations!

Band spotlight: The North

via @TheNorthBand on Instagram

I came across The North a few weeks ago on Twitter, and have been enjoying their music since. They recently had a gig over in Sheffield, for which they gave tickets to those lucky enough to be nearby, and quick enough to message them on Facebook in time!

They're described on their Reverbnation page as sounding like Kasabian, Miles Kane, The Stone Roses, Oasis, and Paul Weller. If you enjoy any of the aforementioned artists, I guarantee you'll enjoy some of the music The North has put up for streaming and download. Confident that 2014 is their year, this band certainly sounds promising to me! So far my favorite tracks are "Spiders", "Into the Fire", and "Out of Line".

If you're in the area, I'd keep my tabs on them and go to one of their shows if you can. Oh, and have extra fun for me, who is unfortunately all the way in sunny California. (Bad time to not be across the pond, huh? Don't even get me started on the excruciating wait for my favorite artists to play here. I'm not about to name names, but...)

You can listen to The North here, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Life stuff:

+ I'm seeing Lana del Rey in April! Maybe I'll see you there?

+ I'm still debating on whether to go to the St. Vincent show in March (whose latest album was, by the way, really good). I might have to pass on that one, and tighten the purse strings a little, because...

+ laptop screen broke. While the laptop itself still works, I can't see anything, so I've synced the data and have been accessing it on a desktop computer. But until I get that repaired (or get a new laptop entirely, since I've been encountering problems with it for a while now), I'll be unable to do any artwork or personal outfit posts. I miss my webcam. And Photoshop. God, I miss Photoshop.

+ I'm going for lighter hair -- a lighter brown, which will be a nice change from my super-dark-brown-to-the-point-it's-pretty-much-black hair. I have a specific shade I'm going for, but I certainly wouldn't mind if it turned out lighter than my ideal result. After years of reading reviews, I finally tried out Palty hair dye -- I highly recommend it if you have stubborn, dark, Asian hair like me that has completely refused to cooperate with American brand dyes. I don't think I left it in long enough, because it still looks the same unless you're in the sun (I tried out Raspberry Macaron), so I'll try again once I've let my hair rest for a while. But I'm definitely impressed. One thing I noticed after my experience with Palty is that, unlike with the several American brand dyes I've tried, Palty didn't dry out my hair, and left it feeling baby soft!

+ A few thrift/vintage stores in the Mission district have caught my eye, and I'm making some plans to go vintage store hopping sometime soon. I've got this 60's getup in mind, and a few pieces from which I'll be on the lookout for. (Why would I go to vintage stores looking for something I could get at any other store, anyway?) When I fall upon the 60's for style inspiration, I usually drift towards its shift dresses, hairstyles, and eye makeup -- not once have I considered the footwear. But the moment I looked over to its signature shoes, I've been thinking a lot about white go-go boots. I haven't had any luck locating something similar anywhere else -- most of my search results yield to boots of questionable quality and durability sold at costume/Halloween stores. No thanks.

+ Still on that topic: if there's an outfit I'm dying to recreate/channel, it's this one as worn by Suki Waterhouse in 2012 at London Fashion Week. It includes a refreshing, modern interpretation of go-go boots I certainly wouldn't mind seeing in my shoe cabinet:

+ I've been wasting time playing around with sets over at Polyvore. It's equal parts entertainment and torture. I don't know why I do it, though I suppose it provides me with ideas when I'm blanking out in the morning, and am in a hurry to catch my train.

+ I'll be writing up the next post for my personal style influences section soon. There's so much I want to showcase, so it's hard choosing who and what to feature next!

What I've been wearing: As much as I love my skirts, I'm definitely going back to wearing pants more often. I've also been painting my nails. I'm awful with nail art and being creative with my nails in general, but I've been wearing this metallic/holographic nail polish from Wet & Wild I got on sale a while ago, and it certainly amps up anything I wear it with, such as my favorite turtleneck.

What I've been inspired by: Ming Xi's street styleDevon Aoki, can you say no to Devon Aoki?! And monochromatic outfits, such as this number from Richard Nicoll's Fall/Winter 2014 Ready-to-Wear collection:

What I've been listening to: The Raveonettes, Natalia Kills (have you seen her new video yet?), The North, and Drowners (who recently released their first album). There's also this cover of Leonard Cohen's "Memories" by The Last Shadow Puppets that I've only just come across now for some reason and, as you've probably guessed, haven't been able to stop listening to. 

What I've been reading: Still not reading anything outside of what's required for class. Since my last post, I've finished Philip Roth's Goodbye Columbus (which I enjoyed) and Willa Cather's My Antonia (which admittedly put me to sleep in a few parts). Right now I'm reading Leonard Cohen's The Favourite Game, and yet another reread of The Great Gatsby for my American literature class. There are a lot of books I've been meaning to read, and the books I've been recommended is an exhaustive list  that only continues to grow -- but I'm always welcome to hear more, if you have any.

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