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personal style influences #2: miles kane

"I’ve always loved that music, I’ve always loved clothes and I’ve always had my hairstyle – it ain’t anything new for me. If it’s become fashionable and mainstream, then it’s good that people are getting into the stuff I’ve been into for years. As long as I’m leading, I’ll be all right." (source)

Miles Kane

Ah, Miles. 

My dearest friends know how much I've come to adore not only the man and his music, but his fashion sense as well. (A sincere apology, by the way, to said close friends for the fact that I can never shut up about any combination of the three). In terms of my personal style, I owe Miles major thanks for gearing me towards embracing a few elements at last -- especially leopard print.

I love turning to musicians for fashion inspiration because of how forward and fearless they tend to be with their sense of style. When I come across music I really love, it tends to influence what I wear to a certain degree. It can be as minor as the music I'm listening to while getting dressed dictating what I walk out the door wearing, or as major as adopting a new look entirely.

With the help of Miles, this time around didn't just consist of a nod to particular pieces and ideas -- the impact on my wardrobe was quite significant, as it oriented me toward things I wasn't confident enough to try in the past. 60s fashion has always been a favorite of mine, but Miles was the main catalyst that brought me from admiring it to actually wearing it. I'd say he's near the top of the list when it comes to those who've greatly influenced my style in the past year -- if not at the very top. 

Though he dons sharp mod style and feathercut hairstyles reminiscent of the 60s, his fashion sense seamlessly embeds into our day and age, and continues to evolve like that of his music career. Former member of The Little Flames, lead singer and guitarist of The Rascals, and half of The Last Shadow Puppets duo, Miles is now taking Europe by storm as a solo artist.

That being said, I'm still waiting for him to tour here in the US so I can see him perform live at last. Hopefully, if we get to take a photo together, we'll both be wearing something sufficiently daring. And with the flash off. Flash isn't exactly the most flattering setting -- the last thing I want is to look bad in a photo with one of my favorite musicians -- and besides, the patterns he wears are delightfully flashy enough.

Channeling Miles

Plenty of menswear, but probably not the sort you're used to seeing around the office. Now, perhaps if said menswear were done with the workweek and hit up the bar for happy hour, then alright -- its discipline is headed in the right direction.

Pieces: Think tight. And I really do mean tight. If you thought your pants were tight, it's probably nothing compared to the pants Miles wears in a variety of colors and styles. White, red, dark blue with white pinstripes, animal print -- he certainly has an eye for trousers with character. Other garments include turtlenecks, classic polo shirtsleather jackets (and pants), and many suits. Simple coats, classic trench coats, coats with a touch of sheepskin, a touch of fur, or a full-blown fur coat.

Patterns: This deserves its own section because of the sheer amount he wears. Vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, polka dotsleopard printchecker, heart patternspatterns I don't even know the name of...I've probably missed a few. Or twenty. Basically, if the pattern exists, chances are Miles has worn it. And he's probably paired that pattern with another pattern -- not that he doesn't already have a shirt with both of them on it.

Shoes: Loafers. (Jimmy Choo, Gucci, and Saint Laurent are some brands Miles wears.) Chelsea bootsOxfords.

Accessories: Necklaces, bracelets and rings. Sunglasses. Also, I'm not sure if this counts as an accessory per se, but if you happen to have a boat...

Beauty: He has sported several hairstyles through the years, and currently wears his hair short. Oh, and he had a brief eyeliner phase.

Colors: Well, a lot. (See: patterns section above.) Black, whitered, and blue seem to be staple colors -- think of men's 60's mod fashion. But why bother with simple color combinations when you've got an entire legion of patterns in your arsenal?

However, since it might take you time until you're comfortable leaving the house completely decked out in patterns (I can't even begin to tell you how long that took me), you can always fall upon those staple colors and pair it with a pattern if that's more your style. At the end of the day it's about you -- and Miles doesn't want you to forget that:

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