Wednesday, March 12, 2014

band spotlight (Bad Girlfriend)

B A D   G I R L F R I E N D

I've got a weakness for all-girl bands. Current favorites include HAIM, The Like, First Aid Kit, and Little Mix. Then there's duos like Tegan & Sara and CocoRosie who've helped to bridge together those tough, slippery years of adolescence, while The Runaways influenced my style as I entered high school. And last but not least, the legendary groups I grew up with that I'll never forget: Spice Girls and Destiny's Child.

I came across Bad Girlfriend a few weeks ago and currently have their self-titled EP on repeat. I've got to say, "Bad Girlfriend" just has to be one of the greatest band names I've come across recently. Don't let their name fool you, though -- the only breakup you're going to want as a result of their music is with that of your busy agenda, so you can relax with their songs all day.

Based in Williamsburg, New York, Bad Girlfriend consists of the talented Christian Owens, Brianna Lance, Savannah King, and Lyla Vander. You might recognize Brianna Lance as the head designer at Reformation.

As for their sound: think beachy. Think of those tunes you play in the car that get you to roll your windows down. And with spring break around for the most of us, this is the band to add to your vacation playlist. (They're first on mine!) Bad Girlfriend straddles that blissful territory between soft and hard rock. If you like bands like Best Coast, you'll definitely enjoy Bad Girlfriend's music!

Anyway, they've got some upcoming shows: at the Bowery Ballroom on the 24th and at Grasslands on the 25th. Unfortunately I'm all the way here in San Francisco, so if you're in New York, you should definitely drop by, have fun, and tell me all about it so I can pretend to listen to you as my jealousy takes over. (Only kidding -- I promise I'll listen to you and live vicariously through your story. But I will be jealous.)

So far my favorite tracks are "Feelings", "Boxer", and "Tricky". I've been listening to them while getting ready in the morning and it's got the right amount of pep I need. Their stuff is perfect for the upcoming sunnier days. (I'll leave my favorite shoegaze songs for cloudier forecasts.)

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