Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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A few things:

+ I'm typing out this post from my new laptop! It's going to take a while getting used to (it's smaller than my broken one, and Windows 8 is irritating). I'll install my art programs and all that fancy stuff at a later time, so it'll take me a while to get back to my artwork. I still have opening commissions on my mind. Anyway, there are more immediate things on my horizon, such as:

+ I'm catching a flight this Friday for my spring break trip to Los Angeles! I'll be there until the 26th. I'll be taking plenty of pictures and posting them here, so keep checking back! I'm also seeing The National on the 25th. It's about to be a good break.

+ I've dyed my hair again with Palty's Raspberry Macaron shade and although my hair's still darker than my goal shade, I think I can live with it. Haven't been able to capture a good photo of it yet but since I'll be in sunny LA I hope it'll show up there. The roots are a lot lighter than the rest of my hair yet again. 

+ Got a cute overalls dress! I'm definitely keeping my eye open for one with shorts next:

+ Another article I wrote for College Fashion's Fashion Inspired by Art column was published today. This time I've featured the artwork of Egon Schiele.

Click here to learn more about Schiele, and to see
three outfits inspired by this work of art.

I'll be back very soon -- I'm planning to update regularly during my LA trip!

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