Sunday, January 17, 2016

in a studio ghibli mood

Stress has more or less been my only company since the start of 2016. No, really -- it feels like since it's been ages since I've let myself step out, have a nice day, and treat myself to something. I suppose that could come after I've secured a job somewhere. 

Amidst all the resumes and cover letters and attempts to keep my space tidy, I've been looking for ways to keep myself happily busy while waiting for responses. I've been swarming with creative drive lately, although it's been difficult stepping into my usual mediums, like digital drawings and short stories.

When times get tough, Ghibli films always help me feel better. They've been working their magic since I was a kid and renting movies at Blockbuster was still a thing. Anyway, I was going to rewatch Princess Mononoke for quite possibly the billionth time as it's my top Ghibli film, but instead I decided to look up images of its handpainted backgrounds, and bring out some art tools I haven't used regularly since late high school: watercolors and gouache paint!

The following are progress images. A separate update with the complete piece will follow. I don't have much experience with backgrounds -- figures are my preference, which my portfolio makes blatantly obvious -- but after this, who knows? I might just start giving that a try, too. 

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