Sunday, January 3, 2016

some apartment love

What with final exams several weeks ago, the holidays, and now the frantic job hunt, I've really been neglecting tending to my tiny apartment. My friend Elle was visiting today, so I  figured it was a good opportunity to get back to keeping it bright and stylish. If there's one thing that helps to put me at peace during times of stress -- yes, even the stress that accompanies the constant refreshing and emailing regarding job searches -- it's a lovely, organized workspace. 

Picked up some cute wooden boxes from the eternally convenient (and cute! and cheap!) selection at Daiso for my desk and my succulents. Daiso is one of those stores where, upon entering, I will have a strict list of three or so household items I need -- but more likely than not I will end up leaving with a few additional items. No room for buyer's remose, though. There's no better place to go to add some charm to the home without breaking the bank.

I also stopped by the plant nursery to pick up some purple flowers for the bee house. 


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