Friday, January 1, 2016

happy new year!

Happy New Year! Due to my lack of holiday decoriations (and, let's be real, holiday spirit in general this time around), the New Year festivity will somehow have to be visually expressed through the above photos: an adorable box of cookies from my landlord, and a train selfie from a while ago. Bear with me!

Here's hoping that 2016 brings you wellness, success, and the unlikelihood of bugs creeping into your home this winter. I'm certainly hoping for the first two, because unfortunately that last wish has already failed me, as there happened to be a spider in my bathroom.

I've been having a very quiet New Year, and not entirely without its stress: spent both the eve and holiday alone in my tiny apartment, cleaning, job hunting around the clock, doing some errands here or there. Still, it wasn't without its redeeming qualities. I now have an excuse to buy a new, cute desk calendar (I've been browsing Etsy). When I wasn't sending out one resume after the other, I was replaying my favorite video game of all time, and enjoying the comforts of Elementary season one episodes with my boyfriend. Oh! And trying to brush up on some beginner's guides to inviting and hosting bees in the garden, because...

...My friend Alex got me a lovely house for bees as a Christmas gift! Maybe 2016 will finally be the year where I go from finding bees cute to finding them cute enough to want to try raising them in an urban backyard:

I checked this morning: no bees yet, but then again, it's probably too soon to expect any. I'm planning to set a nice, small pot of purple flowers nearby sometime soon. (Bees loving the color purple is probably one of the cutest things about them, ever. That, and festooning.)

Anyway, New Year's stuff aside, I've got a couple of ideas that I think I could get a really good use out of, in regards to this specific platform. The usual lifestyle stuff, of course, since it is a personal blog, but there's something about this medium that leave Tumblr read-more text posts in the dust. Bee updates? Yes. Insights on the creative projects I'm really eager to kickstart this year? Definitely. All those personal essays and reflections (and even poetry!) on race and relationships that I've been dying to put down somewhere, anywhere, for the sake of my well-being, and in hopes that it might help someone reading it? Hell yeah!

2016 might be off to a stressful, strained start, but I've got a good feeling about it. If 2015 was the year of firsts and first steps, 2016 will hopefully be the year of plot progression and security.

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