Friday, January 8, 2016

life as a 20-something: caffeine, craigslist, and a cat collecting game because your landlord doesn't allow cats (and you can't afford one yet)

This is just a short (ish) life update, as I'm finding myself far too comfortable in the warmth of my bed to step out into the cold to check on the bees. (I checked yesterday, no sign of them yet -- then again, it's been raining the past several days, so they're probably seeking shelter elsewhere. Could said shelter be cuter than the bee house I put out for them? No way!)

Anyway, here's a breakdown of what's going on, which I hope will explain the post title I had way too much fun putting together:

  • It's been over a year or so since I've had some Earl Grey in the kitchen, and a friend of mine recommended that I try Twining's Lady Grey (pictured above). It's delicious enough for me to have already gone through six mugs even though I only bought the box last night, but light enough for me to not feel concerned, or leave me violently shaking after said six mugs.

  • Caffeine is a daily necessity for me, but especially lately, as the job hunt continues. I heard back from a few employers, and had an interesting interview yesterday. I mean that in a good way, as I generally enjoyed talking about writing in fashion, and discussing my favorite things about it -- but "good" as in "I got hired" good? Nah, not yet, unfortunately. I'm hoping to work for this adorable gift and luxury store in West Portal (which is where I got my mug of succulents from!), so I'm waiting on that opportunity, as well as several others. I can't remember the last time I relaxed and didn't think about resumes.

  • Just several months ago I was spending nearly every hour browsing and refreshing Craigslist when I was looking for an apartment. I definitely got lucky with this one. Will I get lucky there and find the right job for me? I sure hope so, and it better be soon, because I almost considered responding to a gig requesting that someone message this guy's OkCupid matches for him.

  • Last night's Elementary episode was terrible. I feel like I've said enough about it. If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know what I have to say about it. If you've followed me on Twitter since around season two, you know how much I disliked 2x23: "Art in the Blood", and therefore know how I managed to dislike this one even more. The AV Club's review of "Miss Taken" pretty much explains why I'd rather forget this episode happened.

  • I've gotten around 5000 words done on my personal essay on race, and my lived experiences of racism as a Filipina-American woman. Due to its nature, I don't expect to whip this one out with ease and leisure -- it's not easy to talk about in the least, but I know I absolutely need to for the sake of my well-being. Topics include Asian representation in the media, the strange dissonance in identity of being "too Asian" or "not Asian enough", and how it has played into my personal relationships. I will be hosting it here when it's complete.

  • And, last but not least, I (finally) caved and started playing Neko Atsume last night. Perfect for someone like me who absolutely adores cats but can't afford or live with one at the moment. It's definitely playing to my convenience -- since I'm too lazy to step out in the cold and check on the bees in the backyard, well, all I have to do is open the app and check for the cats!

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